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Killua Zaoldyeck

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15 November
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Killua grew up in one of the world's top assassin families and ran away from home at 11 to join the Hunter Exam because he was bored and thought it sounded fun. This foreshadows Killua's personality pretty well. He is easily bored, loves to play video games, enjoys physical activity, and is best friends with Gon who is his polar-opposite when it comes to personality. Killua has a bit of an ego, though he thinks himself very modest. He is also the type of person who will give an answer to a question whether he knows the real answer or not. He's mischievous with a playful sadistic streak. He loves to prank people and enjoys freaking people out. His morals are shaky; growing up being taught to kill does that to you. His family does well in their line of work and he grew up with access to lots of money so he thinks nothing of spending a few thousand on snacks (he is especially fond of sweets and tends to horde them). He whines a lot when forced to rough it, but was also taught survival by his family so he's mostly just blowing smoke. He is a rule breaker through and through, mostly because it's fun. A bored Killua is a danger to those around him. Killua is also a trash talker. He loves to get a rise out of people, especially those he thinks are weaker than he, which can get him into a lot of trouble when he's wrong.

Killua uses several attacks. These include his ability to reform the bones in his right hand growing his nails to razor points. A technique he uses to pluck a victim's heart from their chest. He also uses heavy (50kg/110lbs apiece) yoyo's with the ability to literally beat an opponent to a pulp. He can do all standard nen states including hiding his nen from opponents who don't use gyo to see. His special attack involves changing nen into heavy voltage electricity (the scene in the tower has thousands of volts being pumped through him. This can hurt him but he's been trained to withstand torture by his family.) the effect is that of being hit by one or more lightning bolts. Killua has been raised to be immune to most forms of poison.

This journal is for Role Play purposes. I am not really Killua. If you like him though, check out Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi!

CREW MEMBER: Sweet Death Fleet/Vongola

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